Aviation and Defense

In 1965, Koro Industries started business as an aviation and defense custom gear and component manufacturer.

Aviation and Defense

It was in these industries that Koro first developed its reputation for outstanding quality. During the 1960’s and 70’s, Koro production focused primarily on many different types of fine pitch precision gears and other components for aircraft instrumentation. Koro manufactures parts for altimeters, turn coordinators, pressure gages, air seals, airspeed, altitude, heading, and vertical speed indicators. Our parts continue to be used by the major American aircraft manufacturers as well as the U.S. military.

The early years of Koro’s aviation-centered production helped to formulate the company’s approach to the manufacture of quality, custom gears and components. Attention to precision, detail and accuracy were our norm. In an era that pre-dates the ubiquitous use of industry standards, Koro held to its own high standard, developed through close attention to customer requirements and extensive knowledge of manufacturing methods. This approach to manufacturing has remained an integral part of our process to the present day.

Our long relationship with the aviation industry has developed an understanding within our company culture of the changing nature of instrumentation parts demand. We balance customer demand within our production schedule to avoid AOG (aircraft on ground) events. Many of our customers have implemented kanban inventory systems to which we respond on a daily basis. We take their requirements seriously, supplying quality components as customer need arises.

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